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Golf Betting Tips

The four most prestigious men's golf tournaments are The Masters, US Open, The Open Championship (more popularly known as the British Open) and the PGA Championship.

The fields for these events include the top several dozen golfers from all over the world. The Masters has been played at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, since its inception in 1934. It is the only major championship that is played at the same course each year.

Meanwhile, the US Open and PGA Championship are played at varying courses around the United States. The Open Championship, of course, is played at courses around the United Kingdom.

Golf is rapidly expanding through the rest of the word. In China, the first golf course opened only 1984, but by the end of 2009 there were roughly 600 in the country.

With lots of tournaments to choose from, golf bettors surely have their hand full as to which golfer to bet on. Here are useful golf betting tips to help you win your golf bets.

Look for value, avoid popularity

Winning in golf betting is about looking at the value of each golfer in a tournament. This could be a big task, considering the number of golfers participating in a single tournament.

Looking at golf odds, the top five golfers are usually between 10/1 and 20/1 range, while the tournament favorite is usually at 10/1. These are the golfers whom you may already know - the ones who usually take up the sports news. But are these "favorites" giving you value?

Closely consider the long shots - golfers who are pegged around the 35/1 or 50/1 range. It's hitting these long shots that spell long-term success in golf betting.

In the 2012 FedEx cup, Rory McIlroy was the clear favorite to win at 5/4. Tiger Woods (3/1), Phil Mickelson (13/2), Dustin Johnson (12/1) and Louis Oosthuizen (15/1) round out the top five.

But a long shot named Brandt Snedeker won the event! Paying out 30/1! Not too shabby, right?

Manage your bankroll

Golf betting is like an investment. Sufficient bankroll and a consistent money management plan are needed to be successful.

Let's face it, no one wins 100% of his bets. A sufficient bankroll allows for losses. And if you are consistently betting on players with odds in excess of 10/1, you only need a small percentage to win.

A sufficient bankroll allows you to place multiple bets on a single tournament. Remember, bet selectively. Don't put all your bankroll on a single tournament!

Your bankroll is the life blood of your golf betting experience. Do everything to protect it. Once it starts to grow, proportionately increase your bets. But don't stretch it by placing bets that are unsustainable over time.

Watch how the bookies set the odds

Golf betting newbies think that bookies set odds based only on who they think will win a tournament.

While this is partly true, bookies move the odds to balance their book and take their vig. Bookies generally set the initial odds based on where they believe the golf betting public is going to put their money.

This means that value can be found in golfers who are not that popular to the general public.

Bookies often lower the prices of popular golfers because they know that's where a huge chunk of the public's money is going. This leaves valuable opportunities for golf bettors who can spot value in the players whose prices are inflated because they are flying under the radar.

Have a long-term approach

Being a successful golf bettor takes time. Yes, there are some exceptions who hit the jackpot overnight. But a long-term approach limits losses and assures profitability.

Golf betting is not as smooth as the putting green. It can be as tumultuous as the rough. But have no fear, with enough experience, you'll be able to spot which golfer offers the best value in a given tournament.

Remember, each loss is a step to your next win. Bad runs happen. Even to professional golfers.

And if you find your self in the middle of a winning streak, consolidate your winnings and increase your bets accordingly. Most importantly, enjoy!


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