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Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis tournaments are played year round. The four Grand Slam tournaments, considered as the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, are the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open.

Grand slam tournaments have 128 players in the Singles draw. This draw is composed of 32 seeded players, other players ranked in the world's top 100, qualifiers, and players who receive invitations through wild cards. Grand Slam men's tournaments have best-of-five set matches while the women play best-of-three.

With lots of players to choose from and matches to bet on, Tennis betting can be a bit complicated. Here are a few tips to help you win your Tennis bets.

Watch the lines

Well not the baseline or the sideline... but the betting lines! Tennis betting lines get sharper as the tournament progresses as both bookies and bettors get a better look at a player's performance. Also, as the week goes on, players lose and drop out of tournament, leaving fewer picks to focus on.

Surely, bookies move the lines to gather steam or entice action. As a Tennis bettor, it's your job to sift through the lines before parting with your bankroll. Avoid jumping on players when they're lines plummet.

See why the line moved. Is there a concrete reason why a player suddenly lost his value (due to an injury perhaps)? Or is the movement a simple ploy by the bookie to attract action?

Defer from live betting

Live betting is a new trend where Tennis bettors can place bets as a match progresses. But it's a dangerous trend, especially to new bettors.

Unlike basketball or football, you can't readily spot a momentum shift in Tennis. Players, sometimes, purposely tank a set to conserve energy for the next one. In other instances, there are players who look like they have the match in the bag but goes on to lose because they've used all of their strength and energy.

So be very careful with live tennis betting. The scoreboard doesn't tell the entire story of the match. Even the stats can be deceiving. These don't factor the physical state the player is in - if he's fatigued or injured.


Winning in Tennis betting requires time to learn about individual players, particular tournaments and specific matchups. And the internet is a wonderful tool to research all of these!

The fact that you're reading this now means you're connected to the internet. After browsing through, visit the Association of Tennis Professionals website to learn about the game, check the rankings, look at the matchups and be acquainted with the players.

Use your favorite search engine to learn more about a player. Login to your favorite social networking site to see what your favorite tennis player is up to and assess what other punters are opining.

While you're doing you research, here are other Tennis betting angles to look for:

  • Previous head to head matchups - some tennis players just seem to have the number on other players. Check recent encounters to see if your pick has a good chance of winning the match.

  • Playing surface - certain players play spectacularly on clay, while poorly on grass. Check the playing surface of the tournament before taking your pick.

  • Left or right handed opponent - some players may play well against a southpaw and poorly against a right hander. So factor in how your pick plays against the stance of his or her next opponent.

  • Recent form - some players may be on a slump while others are on a winning streak. Some may be coming from a recent tournament and fatigued while others may be well rested. So check recent form before parting with your bankroll.


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