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NHL Betting Tips

The National Hockey League (NHL) is widely considered as the best hockey league in the world. A total of 30 teams (23 from the US and seven from Canada) compete in the league to win the Stanley Cup, dubbed as the oldest professional sports trophy in North America.

An NHL season begins with the exhibition season every September. Meanwhile, the regular season starts from the first week of October and runs through early or mid April. This is immediately followed by the Playoffs that last until the Stanley Cup Finals in June.

During the course of the regular season, each team plays a total of 82 games. With a lot of teams to choose from and a lot of games to bet on, NHL betting fans certainly have their hands full when making a pick. Here are a few NHL Betting tips to ponder on before making a wager.

Check the goalie

The goalie is arguably the single most important player on the ice, and your bet hangs on how he performs.

As in any sport, defense wins games and the goalie is the focal point of the defense. As the NHL season progress, certain teams rest their starting goalie and the back-up goalie gets a chance to play.

This can open up a profitable opportunity for bettors you look closely.

Look for signs of fatigue or jet lag

As NHL teams travel from city to city and play consecutive games, fatigue and jet lag can affect how a team performs.

Road teams are significantly disadvantaged if they took a long haul flight from another road game to play tonight's game.

Simply put, tired road team + a shot of energy from the home fans = major edge for the home team.

Do what suits you

When it comes to bankroll management, do what best suits you. If you can afford to bet a huge chunk of your bankroll on a particular team, then do so. If you can afford to bet on multiple matchups each night, do so.

But the wise bet is always on betting selectively and having a long term approached to NHL betting.


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